Magazine & Book Covers

In the early 90’s I began working for both Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines, doing occasional covers along with some editorial illustrations. Often, when art directors relocated (and they often did) the artists followed. I had originally worked with Jesse Reyes at the Rocket, then Guitar World magazine and again at Penguin Books.

  • Split Fountain Hieroglyphics book cover
  • Feed Your Head
  • National Ukulele string package
  • National Resonator Instruments
  • First Fusion with Bob Weir
  • Spit in the Ocean #7
  • The Hawaiian Steel Guitar
  • When the Northwest went psychedelic
  • The Hits – they just keep coming
  • Sky River Flashback
  • The Golden Road
  • The 70’s
  • Psychedelia
  • Grateful Dead
  • Eric Clapton
  • Guitar World Buyer’s Guide